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My new work. Supernatural Season 10 Fan Poster

My new work. Supernatural Season 10 Fan Poster


Dean doll I made for my best friend’s birthday. Accompanied by liquor of choice, bowlegged and multi-layered. Crocheted, sewn and embroidered with love.

(I really hope it would scare Jensen like he said one of the dolls from Playthings did… :D)

Eric Kripke on why the show has gone 10 years.


x That is credit to Jared and Jensen, the unbelievable charisma that those guys have both together as a unit and separately as actors.

I can ramble about the structure of the seasons etc but it’s really because of jared and jensen.

It helps that it is a show we loved writing but ultimately it was those guys, that’s why we have been on ten years.

People love them and they love them as brothers.



I hope that demon!Dean has a story line longer than  3 episodes

reblog if you agree, lets see how many there are


It does not bother me one bit that Misha and Mark aren’t in the 200th episode. You know why?

Because this isn’t their 200th episode. 

It’s Jared and Jensen’s 200th. 

They’re the ones who have been there since Day 1. They’re the ones who have put in 10 years of their lives. They’re the ones who deserve the recognition and spotlight in this major milestone episode. 

Jensen Ackles in the Supernatural Season 9 Gag Reel


Dean, meet ‘Dean’. 

My love badass - Dean 2014 ;)

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